Mobile Vinyl Recording

Yes! We do mobile cutting.  We can set up at album releases, parties, weddings, etc.  We can record at concerts to cut directly from the board, we can set up our mobile recording booth and cut vinyl of whatever noise you can make into a microphone, cut karaoke, or cut a specific tune or two to show off the lathes, and if you want we can make sure everyone in attendance leaves with a personalized record.

For the past few months we’ve been setting up at random record stores and recording whoever pops in straight to vinyl.  Currently working on archiving all recordings, but for now here’s some clips:

Mills Record Co. – KC, MO

Mr. Golden Sun
Kian – More to Live
Colin – I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You

Nashville Boogie – Nashville, TN

Sierra Ferrell – In Dreams
Mick Mullin – Nashville Man
Alex The Amateur- Pop Top Can

Fond Object – Nashville, TN

The Deacons – Sleep in the Ghetto

Georgetown Records- Seattle, WA

Jon Bailey – I Don’t Love You
Sarah O’Dea

we don’t own any of these tunes – strictly posted for posterity