Seth Martin and the Georgia Dish Boys “Sending Out My Love” 7″ Lathe Cut




Black / Gold Swirl 7″ Lathe Cut from Seth Martin & The Dish Boys from Athens, GA.
Protest music from the Southern Sweethearts.  All profits donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
For fans of Terry, Townes, and the rest of that Texas crew.
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Seth Martin & The Dish Boys from Athens, GA recorded the single, “Sending Out My Love”,  at Shoal Creek Music Park. The park is in rural Lavonia, about an hour away from the band’s hometown and it has been perfectly preserved and turned into a recording studio called Gypsy Farm. Legends such as Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, June Carter, Conway Twitty, and many more played the same stage the album was recorded on. It’s been said that Tammy Wynette left George Jones for the final time at Shoal Creek.
The band set up on the stage and played out into the vacant auditorium with recording equipment set up at the back of the large hall. There are still handwritten name plates on reserved seats from the last ticketed show decades ago. Zeke Sayer who owns and runs the studio had the park passed down to him by his father, Clem, and has worked on it since he was child. Athens mastering workhorse, Joel Hatstat mastered the track at his home studio. This marks the fifth time he and the band have worked together.
This is the first song Martin has written and released on piano and Robert Hibbs plays his fathers violin on the track. Matt Garrison of Athens veterans Elf Power & The Humms joined the band for the first time to play bass on the session. The song was written during quarantine and is meant to be a positive and hopeful message of love to all, especially front line medical workers and those leading anti discrimination movements across the country. “Sending Out My Love” will be included on the bands 7th  album, which has already been completed.
The session took place on May 31st, the same night a peaceful protest had been organized in downtown Athens, near the famous arches. There’s no cell service, so the band didn’t have any access to news about the protest. When they got back in range the news had just come through that the national guard used tear gas on the peaceful protest downtown. To say the least, this was appalling.


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